Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yedda "Ask & Answer" Standard Tool Added to JargonFish


We are now offering a new JargonFish standard tool, "Ask & Answer", powered by Yedda (an AOL property). "Ask & Answer" provides a question and answer system where users generate the content. This tool is now available in the JargonFish Standard Tool list.

See for more information.

Monday, April 7, 2008 Adds JargonFish Blog Tool


Wanted to share with you our official PR release - highlighting JargonFish and BlogCatalog's partnership. This was just released this morning.


April 07, 2008 09:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Permalink Adds JargonFish Blog Tool Partners with JargonFish to Offer Customizable in-Text Widget to Members

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--JargonFish™, the interactive in-text content application from AdOn Network, today announced a new partnership with, the fastest-growing social network for bloggers on the Internet, to offer the JargonFish widget to BlogCatalog members.

JargonFish is a free, customizable blog tool that BlogCatalog members can add to their blog or website. The JargonFish application adds depth and value to the blogger's content and can be customized for each individual blog to maximize its effectiveness and appeal for each blogger's unique audience.

The JargonFish application highlights keywords that the blogger selects. When visitors click on those uniquely highlighted keywords, a small JargonFish window launches providing the visitor with a variety of helpful resources related to that keyword, including related blog posts from BlogCatalog members and contextually relevant content from leading content providers across the Internet. The customizable features that JargonFish offers allows BlogCatalog members to modify the colors of the widget and select the content that best relates to their readers.

“Making the JargonFish in-text application available to members of our network provides a seamless way for our bloggers to reference related blog content throughout our network,” says Antony Berkman, president of BlogCatalog. “The ability to cross-reference content from any blog in the BlogCatalog network promotes bloggers in our community, which increases the value of membership.”

Since last year, BlogCatalog has evolved from a blog directory to a vibrant member-driven online community with tools, features, widgets and forums that help bloggers connect. More than 100,000 approved bloggers interact on BlogCatalog every day.

“Our partnership with BlogCatalog represents a significant entry point for JargonFish into the blogging community,” said Steve Armstrong, President, AdOn Network, creator of the JargonFish application. “As we look to expand into specific verticals, individual bloggers are a key component to the growth and success of JargonFish and gaining exposure to BlogCatalog’s members is an ideal entry point for us.”

The partnership between BlogCatalog and JargonFish also includes the distribution of the new BlogCatalog content tool to the JargonFish network of publishers offering the in-text application on their websites.

About JargonFish

JargonFish is pioneering a new level of in-text engagement. With JargonFish's new customizable in-text content application, web publishers have the ability to exponentially enhance their visitor experience by offering one-click access to a myriad of highly interactive, customer-centric resources, such as video, image and text search results from BlogCatalog, YouTube, Flickr and Yahoo, ecommerce access through eBay and Amazon, social bookmarking tools, Wikipedia results, as well as additional display advertising revenues, all accessible from a single keyword-activated JargonFish window.

JargonFish offers an innovative and proven customer engagement solution that reinvents the advertising-centric in-text medium, enhancing the user experience to provide improved resources, information and functionality to the end user. For more information about JargonFish, visit:


Thank you,
JargonFish Team

Friday, April 4, 2008

JargonFish and Wordpress hosted blogs

We have been getting a lot of requests from members of the BC community as well as other sites wondering why JargonFish is not available to those bloggers who use Wordpress hosted themes for their blog/site.

How Wordpress works, is that they will not allow any "outside" widget, apps etc., without their approval. How the approval process works (from my understanding) is that there first has to be a lot of "positive" buzz (feedback from their members) about a particular application and then once that has been established they will work on implementing that application to their hosted templates. We have been working for months to create the necessary buzz - so that the people at Wordpress will allow JargonFish.

JargonFish, can be added to those sites/blogs that are using Wordpress template themes - that are "Self-hosted" and not hosted by Wordpress - by simply adding the JargonFish code between the "HEAD" tags.

We will keep you all posted when JargonFish can implemented on Wordpress hosted blog templates!

Thank you for your feedback.
JargonFish Team

JargonFish Search Box - Blogger/BlogSpot

How to add the JargonFish Search Box to your Blogger/BlogSpot Blog:

Blogger/BlogSpot blogs

In order for the Search box to function properly you are going to have to go through these steps:
1. You need to add the Code - from your JargonFish account - into the "Edit HTML" section of your blog

For instructions on how to do this refer to post

2. If you scroll down under the "Get Code" section of your JargonFish account you'll see the the JargonFish Search Box Codes - COPY the color you want

3. Click on the "Template" and then click a "Add Page Element"

4. Under the "Add Page Element" - Select the "HTML/JavaScript"

5. Paste the JargonFish Search Box in the section and press "Save Changes"

Here is the .pdf that explains this

NOTE - The JargonFish widget that you build(in your builder page)is what will be displayed when a reader types a word and presses "GO" in the Search Box.

***SIDE NOTE - If you ONLY want the JargonFish Search Box on your site and NOT have any text highlighted on your page - Go to your "Keyword" section in your JargonFish account and make sure that the NO Categories are checked and that you have NO keywords typed in. ***

Hope this helps. Please reach out if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
JargonFish Team

JargonFish can only be on SFW blog/site

We wanted to inform everyone that JargonFish can only be allowed on SFW blog/site even the smallest amount of nudity can not be displayed in our widget.

Thank You,

JargonFish Team

Placing JargonFish in Blogger/BlogSpot

Since we launched our partnership with Blog Catalog - we have had a few question concerning adding the JargonFish Script to Blogs that are hosted by Blogger/Blogspot. So here is a step by step break-down of how to add JargonFish:

If you signed up for an account with JargonFish - under the "Get Code" Tab.
1. Please select the drop-down (shown below)

2. Copy code

3. Sign into your Blogger/Blogspot and Click "Settings" for the blog you want.

4. Select the "Layout" Tab and then select the "Edit HTML" Tab and paste the script just below the "b:include..." Tag (which just below the "HEAD" Tag)...(as shown below)

5. Once placed click "Save Template".

**Now, some blog templates will not have the "b:include...." tag - if this is the case, just paste the JargonFish Script just below the "HEAD" tag (as close to the "HEAD" tag as possible)**

Here is a .pdf to help you out

Note: for those of you who are using the BlogCatalog Widget from your BlogCatalog Interface - all you have to do is copy the "Blogger/BlogSpot" Tag and follow Steps 3, 4 and 5

We appreciate the feedback we have been getting from the Blog Catalog community. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions and/or comments

Thank you,
JargonFish Team

Live Examples of JargonFish

If you look through our blog you will see decorated words, (the ones with blue underline dashes with a little blue box next to it). Click on those words and you will see the JargonFish widget.